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12th Annual  


In Memory of NY State Troopers Mike Kelly, Ken Poormon  

and John McKenna


Sunday, May 3, 2015 - 9:00 AM


The NYS Trooper Duathlon is the major annual fundraiser for the T. Michael Kelly Memorial Fund and the Ken Poormon and John J. McKenna Memorial Funds. Mike Kelly and Ken Poormon were killed in the line of duty in Ulster County, NY on May 31, 2000. Trooper and USMC Captain John McKenna was killed in combat in Iraq on August 16, 2006. 



New York Triathlon (NYT) has staged over 600 multi-sport events since 1984 and is proud to claim the best safety record in the country. The following rules and regulations have been designed for your personal safety and enjoyment. Failure to comply with these rules will result in penalties and/or disqualification.  





Entry Fee:  
$60 -
before March 3          $120 - 2-person relay team 
$65 -
March 4 - April 3        $130 - 2-person relay team
$70 - April 4 - April 30         $140 2-person relay team
$75 - Race Day                   $150 - 2-person relay team

- Online entry ends at 5:00 pm on Thursday, April 30
$5 rebate to 2015 NYTRI members
- No T-shirts to race day entries.
- No credit cards or personal checks accepted on weekend of race..  


Due to heightened security concerns, we ask competitors for their cooperation as follows: 
*- Please do not have ANYONE who is not competing accompany you in to the transition area (specifically friends, family and/or relatives). 
*- All bags/backpacks are subject to be inspected by security personnel upon entering the transition area.
*- Do not enter or exit the transition area at any point other than the designated entrance and exit.
*- Do not bring any items in to the transition area that are not absolutely required for your competitionItems that are non-essential to competition should be secured in your vehicle.
*- Display your assigned bib number at all times to identify you as a registered competitor.
*- Immediately r
eport any suspicious items to staff or security personnel..

Individual: 1st, 2nd, 3rd overall and in 5-year age groups: 18-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-70, 70+ (men), 60+ (women).
Teams:1st, place male, female and coed teams


RACE DAY  -  Sunday   

7:15 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. - Check-in

8:45 a.m. - Pre-race announcements (mandatory!). 
9:00 a.m. - Race Start  (rain or shine)

10:45 am - Awards ceremony, refreshments/BBQ, raffle  


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Call 845-247-0271 from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm and leave a message with the volunteers name and confirm that they will be at the race. Volunteers will receive a commerorative T-shirt  and sincere thanks from all competitors.



- It is prohibited to sell your race number or for someone to compete in your place.

- It is the contestant's responsibility to be familiar with and follow the race route.- see course map on www.NYTRI.org. 

- Contestants must follow the directions of race officials. Race officials have ultimate and final authority to remove and/or disqualify contestants who violate race rules 

- Friends, family or assistants may not bike or run alongside a contestant and should be warned to stay off the course during the race.


RUN COURSE: Start in West Hurley Park and run on Fronner's Road (opposite Park entrancerse during the race.) to Morgan Hill Road. Run around large green cone (at intersection with Shildknecht Road) and run back the same way to transition area. The second run is identical to the first.


Runner's should keep to the right of the road at all times and allow cars free access. 


BIKE COURSE: Left out of the Park on to Dug Hill Road to Rt. 28A. Left on to Dike Road . Bike along Ashokan Reservoir to intersection with Basin Road (Reservoir Inn). Left on Basin Road to Rt. 28 (Stewart's/Zena Road). Right on Rt. 28 to Waughkonk Road (Hickory House).Right on Waughkonk Road and then right on to Rt. 28A. Continue on Rt. 28A to Dike Road and sharp right on to Dike Road. Repeat the loop described TWICE and when passing Dike Road for the SECOND time, bike left on to Dug Hill Road and back to transition area at W. Hurley Park.  


CONE DIRECTIONAL SYSTEM: All turns on the bike course are marked by a series of 6-10 small (12") orange cones on the Right shoulder of the road. Following them is essential to stay on the course. The course is clearly marked! If in doubt at any intersection, always follow the direction marked by the orange cones. Do not expect volunteers, marshals and/or police personnel to point you in the right direction. They are on the course for safety and traffic control at key intersections.  


TRANSITION AREA: Entry to competitors ONLY! Bicycles not put on assigned racks corresponding to their race number will be removed from the transition area. NO cycling in the transition area. Competitors who cycle past the "Dismount" signs at the entrance to the transition area will be penalized. Bikes and equipment may be removed by competitors ONLY upon showing the run number and bike number to security personnel. Friends and family members will not be allowed to remove bikes. 


DRAFTING RULES: You must maintain a distance of three bike lengths from the bike in front of you! You may not be closer than this distance for any period exceeding 15 seconds. You will be assessed a two minute penalty for each violation.


Riding along side another biker will result in an immediate 2 minute penalty.


WARNING! Drafting and/or riding in a pack is a serious violation of the rules of Biathlon!  If you wish to file an official complaint regarding "drafters", you must record their race number. A competitor who has three drafting reports filed by fellow competitors will automatically receive a four minute penalty. 


HELMETS: Penalties will be assessed if cycling helmets are not positively secured with chinstrap BEFORE leaving the transition area. Riding without a helmet will result in immediate disqualification! Helmets must be USCF, ANSI or SNELL approved.  



On the morning of the race,  you will pick up an electronic timing  chip that corresponds to your assigned bib number. This chip must be attached with the supplied velcro strap to your ankle.and must remain attached throughout the entire event.
After you finish the event, you must remove the chip and drop it in the collection bin at the end of the timing chute.
If you lose your chip during the race or fail to turn it in after you cross the finish line,
you will be charged $95 for the lost chip. If you paid for the race using a credit card, your card will be charged automatically. Others will be sent an invoice.

Your bib number must be attached to the FRONT of your shirt (or race belt) during the entire race .
If you enter the transition area or cross the finish line and your number is not clearly visible on your FRONT,  you will be receive a 2 minute penalty.
The 2-sided vinyl (adhesive-backed) bike frame number must be attached to the front of the top tube of your bicycle and for security reasons may not be removed until you leave the leave the transition area. 
Check the label affixed to the timing tag (on the front of your bib number) for correct information regarding your name, age, sex and category.
 Notify officials prior to the race of any mistakes!


RESULTS: Results will be posted on  the New York Triathlon web site - www.NYTRI.org.   


POST-RACE:  Award winners must be present at the post-race awards ceremony to receive their prize. Please identify yourself as a competitor by wearing your race number when entering the buffet line.  



From NY Thruway/ I-87 (North or South): Get off at exit 19/Kingston. Immediately after tolls make right in the direction of Route 28 West/Pine Hill. Go past two traffic lights (approx. 1.2 mile) and make left on to Route 5/Hurley Mountain Road (Kenco on diagonal corner).  Stay on Hurley Mountain Road for 3.3 miles and make right on to Dug Hill Road. Stay on Dug Hill Road to West Hurley Park on left (approx. 4 miles).  


PARKING: Park vehicles in designated areas only! Cars parked on the race course will be towed!  


2 Minute Penalties 

- Riding in/out of transition area 

- Entering/exiting transition area under/over/between barriers. 

- Bicycle not on assigned bike rack. 

- Drafting or "pack riding" violation (each incident). 

- Unsecured helmet chinstrap leaving/entering transition area 

- Biking alongside another competitor. 


- Riding without an approved biking helmet. 

- Verbal abuse of volunteers, officials or staff. 

- Wearing headphones or any other listening device (radio, ipod, CD player, etc.)